Covering the The Primadonna literary festival for the Daily Telegraph.

The venue was a beautiful and large private home in the picturesque village of Pettaugh, with the option of weekend camping or day passes for those not living locally. The festival was set up by a group of 18 like minded women, with the focus on giving women a larger or broader voice in the literary world. They want to create a new and inclusive festival for all ages celebrating the creative community, giving prominence to work by women and introducing fresh voices alongside famous names in a fun and welcoming environment. The festival ran August 30th, 31st and September 1st 2019 in glorious sunshine. The beautiful surroundings in Suffolk delivered an entire weekend of eclectic festivities, from interviews, panels, spoken-word performances and workshops, to live music, films and food. The music came from a varied collection of musicians, with a lot of the bands and performers living locally to the area.

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Utilising the many different platforms for your branding photography

This approach to marketing photography also helps with your companies visibility, an impression or sentiment that can be viewed across multiple channels and platforms. While many companies and individuals still have difficulty grasping marketing activities that can't be directly monetized, great marketing photos are an investment that pays for itself tenfold when done with care and precision.

I photographed business owner and restaurateur Vernon Blackmore at one of his restaurants in the lovely town of Woodbridge in Suffolk. I photographed the insides and around the garden areas of one of his restaurants, along with the food preparation and all other relevant components, building up an interesting and colourful aesthetic narrative for his 'The Table' restaurant.

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What to know when hiring a professional branding and Lifestyle Photographer

Many self-employed professionals need fresh new work, alongside long term clients. Whether you're connected to the legal profession, construction & property, retail, creative, consultancy work, health or personal care industries, or maybe you're a young sportsperson looking for sponsorship? The ever-growing market for professional business coaches is an industry were trust, knowledge and personality must stand out when connecting with new clients. We now live in a visual age, people are looking more than reading, and as we know, now more than ever, first impressions are critical. Your personal brand is your shop window, so let your customers and clients see your story. I also can include professional photographers this list, I know that if I'm to stand out from an extremely crowded market, it's not just my pictures that gain me new clients, although this is a significant factor; it's also about my personality and how I'm perceived by prospective clients. All of us have stories to tell; we all love to to see and hear others stories, and by introducing new people to our brand, and capturing the inside story of your business, we engage better with our correct targeted audience.

This is where authentic professional produce imagery is all-important, good photography and videography will help you deliver your message, which in turn connects you to your desired clients.    

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The life of a Veterinarian Practice.

The owner of a country Veterinarian Practice in the lovely village of Debenham in Suffolk recently contacted me to ask if I could produce a series of headshots of their staff members.

Initially, they were looking for headshots to accompany their forthcoming newly re-designed website in preparation for their move to a much larger and modernise premises in the same area. But I thought how wonderful it would be to try and capture the day to day running of this very busy vets practice, producing a visual story based on behind the scenes images, capturing the essence of the Practice and giving their customers a glimpse into the busy world of a country veterinarian Practice.

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Have you ever hugged a tree and enjoyed it?

Every day I routinely check-in with LinkedIn to read and add my own posts, either business related or inspired stories alongside marketing ideas with aim to help further my professional practice. We're all incredibly busy, or are we're keeping up the illusion that we actually are very busy. Personally, I am incredibly busy. For instance two days ago I was in the heart of The City of London checking out location and venues for a corporate law firm photo shoot that I'm doing in a week time. The day was hot, and of course London was busy. The sounds and noise and collided together producing a  constant cacophony as a backdrop to the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Rural Isolation...The unseen Demon

After some research into the farming industry I found a long history of issues involving the subject mental health and Wellbeing. There is a high degree of depression and even suicide amoungst farmers, as a result from rural isolation and other pressures connected with the farming industry.
So initially I was just going to concentrate purely on the farming industry, as this seemed to be one of the more interesting of subjects for my project.

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Why your business must be using the Instagram platform to engage with your clients

Increasingly in our digital day and age, our lives seem to be predominantly centred around our phones, computers and tablets all hooked up to some system of wifi connection. Consequently, we're living or moving through a very visual time; people are looking more than they are reading, so all the more critical that the visual messages represent the majority and humanity. Images that we hope to bring to light, are those that constitute eloquent, genuine, exciting and ethical sensibilities. For commercial businesses, this is of equal importance, in so much as the message you hope to convey, is one that resonates with your audience. Wether you’re using it to promote your own personal brand, charity or promoting a business, incorporating Instagram into your marketing strategy is a must! 

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Putting together a Fashion Bridal Gown Photo Shoot.

Location fashion Bridal shoot for designer Louise Bentley designs. I was given five of the designers best selling dresses and tasked with coming up with a series of images for each dress; the dresses all had different styles from each other. The fabrics all gorgeous, high quality, and sewn together with perfection, looked terrific.

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I decided to show all new clients my old printed portfolio.

I decided to show my new clients my old printed portfolio, and what a difference this has made. It was like a chocolate lover being presented with a large present, opening it up to find their favourite chocolates. They loved the expensive feel of the book, and even the tactile sense of turning the pages, and not knowing what image to expect next. The prints seem to 'pop out' from the pages, the vibrant colours and urgency of the subjects made for a great viewing experience.

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Age should never be a barrier for not doing the things you want most in life.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of being contacted by a charming lady who lives in my local area. Her question to me was “how would I’d like to join her on a new adventure into the world of fashion"? It transpires that Vivienne has started her own fashion label which she intends to launch nationwide this spring. She came across my photography, and "loved it" and wanted to get in touch with me. How could I not be interested in such an exciting request like this? 

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Photographs From John Ferguson's Photo Archive #1

28 year old Iraqi, Almed Dhlea Aubaldi survived the bombing of the Amiriya bunker in Baghdad by American warplanes, but lost his both his parents, wife and children during the bombing raid. The blast took place in 1991 during the first Gulf war.

Picture by John Ferguson

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Corporate Business Photography - Working with Aspiring Solicitors

I was fortunate to have recently been contacted by a London City firm, Aspiring Solicitors, who got in touch with me inquiring if I would like to provide them with a range of photographic imagery for their marketing and websites. The company definitely lives up to their name, the ethos and business is centred around targeting young undergraduate and postgraduate aspiring solicitors. The company offers mentoring, career advice, academic advice and coaching to students from underrepresented groups.

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The Ups and Downs of a Commercial Photographer

For me, one significant aspect of being a commercial photographer is my ability to produce professional photography from many varied assignments and commissions. From magazine editorial portraiture to providing lifestyle and 'people' images for the Wildlife Trust, documentary assignments for the Sunday Times Magazine to visual storytelling for charities to corporate shoots for City banks and Law firms. Working in commercial photography allows me to express my vision, utilise my creativity and illustrate my ability and experience in adapting to different disciplines.

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People with Odd Jobs… Photo feature Story for the London Metro Newspaper

People with Odd Jobs… Photo feature Story

One of the most pleasing aspect of my job sees me meet and photograph hundreds of different and interesting people; from people working in London’s sewage system, to fashion designers, top sports stars to film and pop stars all over the world. This week I received a call from London’s Metro newspaper to photograph Emma Waddell in Sudbury, Suffolk. Emma used to work as a corporate banker in the city of London for over 30 years. During a break from her job Emma stumbled across the world of Doll’s House and the intricate art of producing elaborate and detailed miniatures for these grand doll’s houses. So struck with the discipline of producing the figures and design of these amazing houses, that an interest and then hobby, soon became a full time occupation. Emma is now one of the counties best interior designers for doll’s houses.

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My annual pilgrimage to the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize Competition

I made my annual pilgrimage to my favourite venue in London, the National Portrait Gallery where this year’s Taylor Wessing Portrait prize winners and other selected images where on show. The exhibition of images celebrates and promotes the very best in contemporary portrait photography from around the world. It’s always a pleasure to see how other photo artist ply they’re skills and artistic vision when applied to photographic portraiture. I have to say that it’s my favourite genre of photography, something which on the face of it is so simple and direct, but it’s so much more, creating and sculpturing a beautiful, beguiling and evocative photographic image.

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john Ferguson
Telling Stories with Words AND Pictures

My photographs helped to promote and highlight the shelter and the foundation's valuable work within this initiative. By telling the resident's individual stories, my pictures help to put a human face to each of these narratives. We really do react to other peoples stories, it enables the viewer, reader, to better connect with each particular individual's account.  We often think communication is achieved just through words, but communicating visually is a natural aspect of life, some say stronger than words as our lives are lived visually. We learn at a young age how to interpret actions, emotions, ideas, and feelings, Through words and pictures, our comprehension is enhanced because we’re seeing the effect that we’re reading in words. If you fail to use the power of good visuals to deliver your organisation's stories, either through video or good photography, you're failing to engage thoroughly with your audiences and ultimately failing to provide your own fundamental important story. 

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Diversify Your Visual Message For Your Charity

If you want to get your project or message across to your audience, then hiring the services of a good photographer is paramount for communicating your charities essence or cause. A photographer that understands your ethos, believes in your mission and can visually interpret the right stories which your core audiences can relate to, is priceless. People enjoy seeing diversity, they enjoy seeing stories on different social platforms that ring true, you're giving your audience, and prospective clients the opportunity and confidence to engage and interact with you, which in turn could lead to extra donations and sponsors.

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Developing an ad campaign to promote the recruitment of donors from the Afro-Caribbean Communities.

I was approached by Orin and his wife and co-founder Beverley to produce a series of images that could in a word, 'jolt' the community into thinking about the benefits of becoming a stem cell donor(bone marrow) for the black community, but also the implications

The pictures, I felt, needed to get to the point and be able to evoke an emotional or empathic response on the viewers part. These series of photographs would be used for their new campaign to engage with their core audience, but also aim to attract new members and importantly gain newly registered donors.

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Why you should always use a Professional photographer for your charity.

I doubt if many of us would question the importance of strong photography when communicating a charities messages or stories. Visual imagery on Social media is ubiquitous; you can't escape it. People connect better with images of other people. And for many non-profits where the privacy of beneficiaries is paramount, adequate and appropriate photography has to be appropriated to impact effectively and to communicate with your audience.

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