Developing an ad campaign to promote the recruitment of donors from the Afro-Caribbean Communities.

Listening to Radio 4's 'Today' program yesterday, I heard the founder of the ACLT and step-father of Daniel De-Gale, speaking passionately on the issue of Afro-Caribbean donors.
In his short life, Daniel De-Gale inspired thousands of black and mixed-race people to become stem cell (or bone marrow) donors, before he sadly died on 8 October 2008. He was the UK’s first black person to receive a bone marrow transplant from a stranger, after a long struggle to find a match. The operation was a success but years later, aged just 21 years old, he sadly died of organ failure resulting from an unrelated condition. Less than 20% of black transplant patients can find a perfect bone marrow match, giving them a much lower chance of life. For those in need of a transplant, their only chance of finding a matching donor will usually be from someone of the same ethnicity. I was approached by Orin and his wife and co-founder Beverley to produce a series of images that could in a word, 'jolt' the community into thinking about the benefits of becoming a stem cell donor(bone marrow) for the black community, but also the implications  
The pictures, I felt, needed to get to the point and be able to evoke an emotional or empathic response on the viewers part. These series of photographs would be used for their new campaign to engage with their core audience, but also aim to attract new members and importantly gain newly registered donors. 

The ACLT campaign shoot - 'The Funeral'.

My idea was to be based around a child's funeral, this after much thought, and even ditching the idea, I eventually decided would make for a strong statement. I personally, cannot think of too many other emotional and traumatic life experiences in which one could go through, losing a loved one so young can have a devastating effect that lasts a lifetime for the remaining members of a family. 
I put together a creative team of crew members, all whom I had worked with before. A stylist who helped me cast the actors, the Art director who helped me draw up the idea, two photo assistants, a digital operator, a gaffer(lighting operator) and finally a shoot producer who tied everything together. The logistics, the venue, the funeral directors, the cars, transports, food, model releases and more all had to be in place for this two-day shoot. 
The series of images worked very well, the cast where brilliant and the concept came over perfectly. Orin and Beverley are working towards developing an advertising campaign around the series of images for next year.  

You can see the selected images here