Age should never be a barrier for not doing the things you want most in life.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of being contacted by a charming lady who lives in my local area. Her question to me was “how would I like to join her on a new adventure into the world of fashion"? It transpires that Vivienne has started her own fashion label which she intends to launch nationwide this spring. She came across my photography, and "loved it" and wanted to get in touch with me. How could I not be interested in such an exciting request like this? 

It also turns out that Vivienne devised her new venture over the kitchen table, hitting on her idea by chance and realising that there is a market for the designs she has in mind. Vivienne has a small team of creatives, business mentors and advisers already in place to help her in her new journey.  

I just love her designs and definitely think she's onto something very fresh and exciting. She freely admits that she has no experience whatsoever in the fashion world, but believes in her designs and overall concept. But, for me, the most pleasing aspect of Vivienne's venture is that she turns 59 later this year. I love Vivienne’s enthusiasm and chutzpah, for her, age is no barrier, it’s just a number and in no way should this keep anyone from doing what they really want to do in life. 

For me personally, I'm happy to help Vivienne all I can, using my photography to promote her fashion label for marketing, social media platforms, editorial location and studio photo shoots, website imagery, still-life production images alongside the inevitable press & media enquiries which will come Vivienne's way. 

I will post more images and info on Vivienne's label, as her (ad)venture progresses.          

We spent an enjoyable morning checking out location sites for our first marketing photo shoot late this month or early March 2019.