Utilising the many different platforms for your branding photography

When your marketing photography is customizable, consistent and above all professional, they help produce a more in-depth customer engagement, creating value in the eyes of your clients, and helps to build on your brand's trust. This approach to marketing photography also helps with your companies visibility, an impression or sentiment that can be viewed across multiple channels and platforms. While many companies and individuals still have difficulty grasping marketing activities that can't be directly monetised, great marketing photography is an investment to yourself and one that pays for itself over time, exponentially gaining more coverage when done with care and precision.

I photographed business owner and restaurateur Vernon Blackmore at one of his restaurants in the lovely town of Woodbridge in Suffolk. I photographed the interiors and around the garden areas of one of his restaurants, along with the food preparation and all other relevant components, building up an interesting and colourful aesthetic narrative for his 'The Table' restaurant.    

Promotional flyer for Vernon Blackmore

Promotional flyer for Vernon Blackmore

Vernon, started in London working in the restaurant trade before moving to Suffolk, he now has several businesses that he oversees, and all doing extremely well. These images, taken for his press and publicity campaigns, as well as his promotional marketing material, sum up how companies can use photography to help diversify their different needs, from websites to social media to promotional marketing. So when you're considering hiring a professional photographer, think about and discuss the many different ways that you can best utilize the photographs you need to produce for your business. Your photography should be more than just placed photographs; they should tell your brand story and allow users to access a narrative that you want to be associated with your product or service. Be diligent and aggressive in making sure all the images fit your brand story. Compiling a shot list can sometimes be a little too structured, but it can be very valuable at the end of your shoot to go back and reference your shots. These types of photographs can play an integral part in your brand communications: it can be casual and friendly, conservative and corporate, or sleek and polished. So try to make it a collaborative process, your photographer will know how important it is to you, so work together on producing the best images possible and above all have fun while you're doing is, enjoy the process. 

John Ferguson is Photographer - Visual Storyteller

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