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The life of a Veterinarian Practice.

The owner of a country Veterinarian Practice in the lovely village of Debenham in Suffolk recently contacted me to ask if I could produce a series of headshots of their staff members.

Initially, they were looking for headshots to accompany their forthcoming newly re-designed website in preparation for their move to a much larger and modernise premises in the same area. But I thought how wonderful it would be to try and capture the day to day running of this very busy vets practice, producing a visual story based on behind the scenes images, capturing the essence of the Practice and giving their customers a glimpse into the busy world of a country veterinarian Practice.

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Putting together a Fashion Bridal Gown Photo Shoot.

Location fashion Bridal shoot for designer Louise Bentley designs. I was given five of the designers best selling dresses and tasked with coming up with a series of images for each dress; the dresses all had different styles from each other. The fabrics all gorgeous, high quality, and sewn together with perfection, looked terrific.

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I decided to show all new clients my old printed portfolio.

I decided to show my new clients my old printed portfolio, and what a difference this has made. It was like a chocolate lover being presented with a large present, opening it up to find their favourite chocolates. They loved the expensive feel of the book, and even the tactile sense of turning the pages, and not knowing what image to expect next. The prints seem to 'pop out' from the pages, the vibrant colours and urgency of the subjects made for a great viewing experience.

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Age should never be a barrier for not doing the things you want most in life.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of being contacted by a charming lady who lives in my local area. Her question to me was “how would I’d like to join her on a new adventure into the world of fashion"? It transpires that Vivienne has started her own fashion label which she intends to launch nationwide this spring. She came across my photography, and "loved it" and wanted to get in touch with me. How could I not be interested in such an exciting request like this? 

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The Ups and Downs of a Commercial Photographer

For me, one significant aspect of being a commercial photographer is my ability to produce professional photography from many varied assignments and commissions. From magazine editorial portraiture to providing lifestyle and 'people' images for the Wildlife Trust, documentary assignments for the Sunday Times Magazine to visual storytelling for charities to corporate shoots for City banks and Law firms. Working in commercial photography allows me to express my vision, utilise my creativity and illustrate my ability and experience in adapting to different disciplines.

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Developing an ad campaign to promote the recruitment of donors from the Afro-Caribbean Communities.

I was approached by Orin and his wife and co-founder Beverley to produce a series of images that could in a word, 'jolt' the community into thinking about the benefits of becoming a stem cell donor(bone marrow) for the black community, but also the implications

The pictures, I felt, needed to get to the point and be able to evoke an emotional or empathic response on the viewers part. These series of photographs would be used for their new campaign to engage with their core audience, but also aim to attract new members and importantly gain newly registered donors.

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