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Rural Isolation...The unseen Demon

After some research into the farming industry I found a long history of issues involving the subject mental health and Wellbeing. There is a high degree of depression and even suicide amoungst farmers, as a result from rural isolation and other pressures connected with the farming industry.
So initially I was just going to concentrate purely on the farming industry, as this seemed to be one of the more interesting of subjects for my project.

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Telling Stories with Words AND Pictures

My photographs helped to promote and highlight the shelter and the foundation's valuable work within this initiative. By telling the resident's individual stories, my pictures help to put a human face to each of these narratives. We really do react to other peoples stories, it enables the viewer, reader, to better connect with each particular individual's account.  We often think communication is achieved just through words, but communicating visually is a natural aspect of life, some say stronger than words as our lives are lived visually. We learn at a young age how to interpret actions, emotions, ideas, and feelings, Through words and pictures, our comprehension is enhanced because we’re seeing the effect that we’re reading in words. If you fail to use the power of good visuals to deliver your organisation's stories, either through video or good photography, you're failing to engage thoroughly with your audiences and ultimately failing to provide your own fundamental important story. 

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Two Images Selected as Photo Competitions Winners.

I've recently had the good fortune to have two of my recent photographs selected by two major photographic competitions, with both images taken from the same project which I'm currently collaborating on with the East Suffolk Association for the Blind. All my images from this series are a result of spending a good amount of time with each person connected with the project. Getting to know them, listening to their stories, understanding their fears and anxieties, alongside what also makes them happy and content.

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