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Age should never be a barrier for not doing the things you want most in life.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of being contacted by a charming lady who lives in my local area. Her question to me was “how would I’d like to join her on a new adventure into the world of fashion"? It transpires that Vivienne has started her own fashion label which she intends to launch nationwide this spring. She came across my photography, and "loved it" and wanted to get in touch with me. How could I not be interested in such an exciting request like this? 

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Photographs From John Ferguson's Photo Archive #1

28 year old Iraqi, Almed Dhlea Aubaldi survived the bombing of the Amiriya bunker in Baghdad by American warplanes, but lost his both his parents, wife and children during the bombing raid. The blast took place in 1991 during the first Gulf war.

Picture by John Ferguson

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People with Odd Jobs… Photo feature Story for the London Metro Newspaper

People with Odd Jobs… Photo feature Story

One of the most pleasing aspect of my job sees me meet and photograph hundreds of different and interesting people; from people working in London’s sewage system, to fashion designers, top sports stars to film and pop stars all over the world. This week I received a call from London’s Metro newspaper to photograph Emma Waddell in Sudbury, Suffolk. Emma used to work as a corporate banker in the city of London for over 30 years. During a break from her job Emma stumbled across the world of Doll’s House and the intricate art of producing elaborate and detailed miniatures for these grand doll’s houses. So struck with the discipline of producing the figures and design of these amazing houses, that an interest and then hobby, soon became a full time occupation. Emma is now one of the counties best interior designers for doll’s houses.

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