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What to know when hiring a professional branding and Lifestyle Photographer

Many self-employed professionals need fresh new work, alongside long term clients. Whether you're connected to the legal profession, construction & property, retail, creative, consultancy work, health or personal care industries, or maybe you're a young sportsperson looking for sponsorship? The ever-growing market for professional business coaches is an industry were trust, knowledge and personality must stand out when connecting with new clients. We now live in a visual age, people are looking more than reading, and as we know, now more than ever, first impressions are critical. Your personal brand is your shop window, so let your customers and clients see your story. I also can include professional photographers this list, I know that if I'm to stand out from an extremely crowded market, it's not just my pictures that gain me new clients, although this is a significant factor; it's also about my personality and how I'm perceived by prospective clients. All of us have stories to tell; we all love to to see and hear others stories, and by introducing new people to our brand, and capturing the inside story of your business, we engage better with our correct targeted audience.

This is where authentic professional produce imagery is all-important, good photography and videography will help you deliver your message, which in turn connects you to your desired clients.    

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I decided to show all new clients my old printed portfolio.

I decided to show my new clients my old printed portfolio, and what a difference this has made. It was like a chocolate lover being presented with a large present, opening it up to find their favourite chocolates. They loved the expensive feel of the book, and even the tactile sense of turning the pages, and not knowing what image to expect next. The prints seem to 'pop out' from the pages, the vibrant colours and urgency of the subjects made for a great viewing experience.

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