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Why your business must be using the Instagram platform to engage with your clients

Increasingly in our digital day and age, our lives seem to be predominantly centred around our phones, computers and tablets all hooked up to some system of wifi connection. Consequently, we're living or moving through a very visual time; people are looking more than they are reading, so all the more critical that the visual messages represent the majority and humanity. Images that we hope to bring to light, are those that constitute eloquent, genuine, exciting and ethical sensibilities. For commercial businesses, this is of equal importance, in so much as the message you hope to convey, is one that resonates with your audience. Wether you’re using it to promote your own personal brand, charity or promoting a business, incorporating Instagram into your marketing strategy is a must! 

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Developing an ad campaign to promote the recruitment of donors from the Afro-Caribbean Communities.

I was approached by Orin and his wife and co-founder Beverley to produce a series of images that could in a word, 'jolt' the community into thinking about the benefits of becoming a stem cell donor(bone marrow) for the black community, but also the implications

The pictures, I felt, needed to get to the point and be able to evoke an emotional or empathic response on the viewers part. These series of photographs would be used for their new campaign to engage with their core audience, but also aim to attract new members and importantly gain newly registered donors.

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