The life of a Veterinarian Practice.

The owner of a country Veterinarian Practice in the lovely village of Debenham in Suffolk recently contacted me to ask if I could produce a series of headshots of their staff members.

Initially, they were looking for headshots to accompany their forthcoming newly re-designed website in preparation for their move

to a much larger and modernise premises in the same area. 

On my first visit to discuss the job, I was amazed to see the almost frenetic way the Practice worked, there must have been around 12 people crammed into a smallish 1930's building, all moving together in a controlled and purposeful direction, all dealing with a variety of animals, from hedgehogs to cats and kittens, all shapes and breeds of dogs, rabbits, birds and other furry things.

Animals where being operated on in the Practice's small but high-tech surgery room, some being examined in the consultation rooms, and all the while nurses seemed to be rushing around caring for those who had come through surgery and were recovering in the observation area. 

I thought how wonderful it would be to try and capture the day to day running of this very busy vets practice, producing a visual story based on behind the scenes images, capturing the essence of the Practice and giving their customers a glimpse into the busy world of a country veterinarian Practice. 

The one consistent fact which I've found to be true when aiming to establish one's business with the general public is one of assurance. People want to be able to trust you, and especially with something so precious as their beloved family pet or animal, trust plays a critical role in convincing people to spend their money with you. 

Good photography can help determine that reassurance, with genuine, authentic and creative images that speak to your audience, by relaying your message and ethos. 

Using a combination of documentary and environmental portraits, and over the course of 3 days, I was able to produce a series of images that provided a tremendous photographic narrative, a representation of active Practice and a reflection on their ethos, care and professionalism. 

The owner was open to my suggestions, and I was able to advise them on the continually changing world of visual storytelling; the power of illustrative and robust imagery that speaks to their target audiences, something which most businesses are still in the dark about in this regard. With my background in telling stories through strong visual representation, I'm able to produce photography that gets to the heart of whichever particular business with whom I'm working together with, from large charities, blue-chip companies and many other organisations to individual branding. 

Telling particular business stories is a genre; depicting scenes from ordinary life, that I'm most certainly enjoy creating. I believe there's much potential in contributing and helping to build up a practice's or businesses brand, with the ultimate goal of sustaining a loyal following by producing intriguing and compelling photos. These images all add to the storytelling of your business, building a narrative that will lead your audience on a journey that creates engagement and importantly inspires trust.   

During the process, I was also in constant in touch with Peter who runs the website design studio Yellowbelly; we discussed the different pages and ideas behind the Practice's need and the overall aesthetics for the finished website, this was a great help and allowed me to focus more directly on the type of shots needed for the site.

If you would like to discuss how I can help by visually interpreting your business with great imagery then get in touch via my contact page or email me here at