What to know when hiring a professional branding and Lifestyle Photographer

Many self-employed professionals need fresh new work, alongside long term clients. Whether you're connected to the legal profession, construction & property, retail, creative, consultancy work, health or personal care industries, or maybe you're a young sportsperson looking for sponsorship? The ever-growing market for professional business coaches is an industry were one’s trust, knowledge and personality must stand out when connecting with new clients. We now live in a visual age, people are looking more than reading, and as we know, now more than ever, first impressions are critical. Your personal brand is your shop window, so let your customers and clients see your story. I also can include professional photographers to this list, I know that if I'm to stand out from an extremely crowded market, it's not just my pictures that gain me new clients, although this is a significant factor; it's also about my personality and how I'm perceived by prospective clients. All of us have stories to tell; we all love to see and hear others stories, and by introducing new people to our brand, and capturing the inside story of your business, we engage better with our correct targeted audience.

This is where authentic professional produce imagery is all-important, good photography and videography will help you deliver your message, which in turn connects you to your desired clients.    

I was recently asked to produce a series of flattering branded lifestyle portraits and profile images for Antonia Harman, a most beautiful person, both inside and out. Antonia works as a freelance energy healer, working in person and through her online classes.   She also creates the courses and works with both individuals and companies to relieve ailments, stress, emotional pain relief, trauma and other treatments, whatever's required to optimise their happiness and life experience.  

Antonia is planning a new website and marketing promotion for her business. She needed new images, both at home, with clients, plus shots of herself out and about in her local area. Antonia is a happy, positive person, but above all, has a real 'fun' personality, and one that I wanted to capture in my photographs. She called in a hair & make-up artist friend, and we went thought some of the clothes choices for her photo session, which was fun, discarding some, then going back to them, you get the picture. We had a great time, laughed a lot and even got Antonia's boyfriend to help out which was great.  

Your story is wherever you want to take it, at your place of business, your home office, your favourite coffee shop, with existing clients, at an event or a conference, or maybe it's your favourite pastime or sport - where ever you think will best connect with an audience. 

But, your pictures don't always have to jolly, fun and happy, they can include reflective, and business-oriented images (talking at conferences, with clients etc). They might be needed to reinforce and enhance a particularly aesthetic with which you're aiming to convey; pensive, vulnerable, inquisitive. Or they can be a combination of all these, imagery that helps to create a collection of photographs that you use not only for your website, but ones you can use for blogging proposes and other social media platforms, such Instagram, LinkedIn; you might want to use a series of images on your Facebook Business page over a period of time. If your posting regularly or are planning to post more frequently, your image content portfolio needs to consist of photos that cover a variety of different emotional spectrums. Photographs which you can easily lay your hands on, and which convey the right amount of sentiment, happiness, emotion and even playfulness. The way you write your posts punctuated with the correct images is a powerful way to represent and enhance your message, deliver emotively, relatable and above all memorable posts. The deeper the connection you make towards your subjects, the better you're placed in attracting new clients. 

When hiring a good photographer, for sure, you'll need them to produce a beautiful series of pictures that sum up your personality, but don't forget you also need them to capture images that are appropriate for all your future stories, photos you hope to share alongside your stories that resinate with your audience. 

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