John Ferguson, Camp Bastion, Afghanistan

John Ferguson, Camp Bastion, Afghanistan

Making a Difference

My Vision. 

Welcome, I'm John Ferguson (photographed here in Afghanistan). I hope we'll have the opportunity to work together on a campaign or project; one that could bring our two strengths together, collaborating and complementing our core aims. My role as your photographer is to gather visual information that delivers a concise or sensitive message, one that plays with the narrative of each subject or project story. Images that convey the right amount of emotion, pathos, and hope, while also enlightening the viewer, drawing them into the history, and allowing them to engage with each story and especially the individuals within these stories. I'm experienced at capturing the heart of each story through strong and emotive and genuine photography. My extensive experience centres on my many years working with national and international editorial clients, newspapers and magazines, to working with large NGO's, small charities, foundations, the social services sector and associated industries. I’m here to assist and help you, telling the important stories your establishments need to communicate, in the best way possible, no matter how large or small your organisation. 

Whether you're a charity or you're working within the health, education, or other public services, I strive in going beyond your expectations, producing images that go over and beyond your original brief. So why not get in touch and let's make an appointment for you're free 30-minute phone consultation; I'm sure that I'll have some useful tips and advice that will help you maximise your marketing or campaign initiatives, and just as important, all within your budgets. 

I look forward to speaking with you.         

John Ferguson

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