Empowering Imagery that elevates your message & engages with your clients. Using creative visual storytelling which helps your organisation connect with your audience and grows your exposure, bringing you more sponsors  

Rwandan portraits

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Why Storytelling Photography is so important for your Business.

Every charity organisation, whether associated with animal rehabilitation, teenage homelessness, educational or health issues right through to large international NGO's, realise that their charity or foundation's message will resonate more profoundly with their audiences through the use of enduring and empowering photography. Visual storytelling is one of the most potent ways of getting either your charity or business’s message across to your target audience. In today's online world, were inundated with thousands of conventional and routine stock images, but nothing tells your story better than compelling imagery.  My photography will enable your message to make that important emotive or telling connection with your audience, drawing them into your story or campaign.  


Galleries of work from John Ferguson.

I like to think that I make photographs rather than take pictures, I love telling stories with my photography. I'm looking for the narrative in all my work, seeking the right image tells your story instinctively with the least amount of words.

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Why Every Business Needs Professional Photography

Professional Photography for start up business and even a well established companies can often be overlooked or seen as something expendable in terms of business expenses.

The cost of professional imagery may also be an consideration,  which might discourage you to entering into a contract with a commercial photographer. You might think that stock photos would be perfectly fine for your business, or that you could take them yourselves with your smartphone. 

Well the truth that all business would benefit greatly from the use of professional photography. No matter what you're selling or who your client base are. Quality photography is a very important asset for your business, something that will elevate your message and contribute to your overall business success. Professional photography should be one of the main considerations when it comes to business expenses, it’s worth every penny for your business in delivering the right marketing and online presence, something all successful companies need. 

I was recently commissioned by a creative agency Jacob Bailey, to produce a series of environmental portraits for the East of England Co-Operative. I was tusked with producing a series of images of twenty individuals all whom had connections with the company.  From supplies, to customers, to staff members, all had a vested interested in the well-being and the success of the company. From Essex to Suffolk and onwards to Norfolk, my images where displayed on posters, newsletters, brochures and throughout all their supermarkets in East Anglia. The campaign and response to their 'Small things, big difference' has been fantastic for the Co-op, resulting in the company taking on many more new members, all who have added their stories to the Co-op family on how small things are making a big difference in their communities.